sometimes you look upon something and it changes

changes back to what you once remembered

then all of a sudden of unknown courses there

you see it and it amazes you like always

why did it take so long for you realize it

you think that it was not supposed to occur

oh the beauty of this thing

ever changing as you gaze

you look upon this wondrous life thing

it removes any doubt

with wonder and innocence

everything you can imagine

it changes again and again

back to what you first remembered

it did make you feel like shit

and you recall it oh so well

look at it again and think this is shit

pure crap

move your fingers across it and remember

this is how it happened; it is what there is now

look at this thing again and wonder could it make a difference?

think of everything that makes you feel good

but it doesn’t work anymore

because it is all the same

and it will always be that way and you can’t change it