Angst with the wind
Whippoorwills in apple trees
Trepidation at hand
Circumstance beyond your control
Swallow watermelon seeds
A naturalist on the red clover patch
Yesterday in a mangled forest
Leadbelly in a jailhouse
Jackhammer on concrete on a New York City sidewalk
Biblical characters have come to life
On a groundswell of phosphate
Caustic intentions with the sun
Decadent lifestyles lived out loud
Roosevelt wearing a purple sash it says: Bring me Indian genitalia
Homophobic men wear women’s lingerie
Yosemite Park with hot spitting geysers
Eyes black and shiny as onyx
Two dark holes in a cranium
A sawed-off shotgun in his bedroom
Shoot a car salesman in the crotch
Too proud and looking for an escape
Inside-out as an old sweater
Eyeglasses covered with blue funny fuzz
Homicidal tendencies come from the soul
Take an aspirin 27% less cerebral swelling
Go out on an apex with only 2 farthings
Hydroponics cannot be extended to reach your bloodstream
Oh such largess to be had at hand