By Sepulture (mood disorder)

“The sky is azure today” he says to no one.

He is starting to feel strange in this place

He remembers the day when that colour reminded him of his “blazon of coats of arms”

(He comes from an old French family)

He was at one time quite noble

But now he is tired



“How can my life go on in this barren land?” he says to the ground.

(He needs to talk to something)

“I fear he may be losing his mind” says a vulture circling above

In this place he remembers his once royal life and fancy clothes

But now he is sad



He kneels on the ground, dressed in an old hooded sweatshirt and dirty jeans

“How has my life come to this?” he asks himself.

He pulls up his hood and covers his dirty hair




With no human to speak to

In front of him sits a chair as broken as him

Lonely …

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