Today is St. Patrick ’s Day

And in your heart you remember

Bagpipes resonating in your body

Sounds of the land-your family


Tap-tap twice on the left heel and tap-tap on the right heel

Forward, backward

Repetition 2,2, and kick

This is how they taught me in the New York pubs

All of us in a circle

The grownups swilling beer

Laughing, singing and having a good time

Till it was time to close the pub

 And all hell broke loose

Punching, screaming, crying

Let’s just get on home

Get some rest

You have had too much to drink

Tomorrow is another day

We will wake with clear heads

Feel so ashamed

Till next St. Patrick’s Day


We hang upside down

Entwined in an unbreakable embrace

No one


Can separate us

We live together in a hurtful world

Where no one can divide us


No one

Can make us disbelieve

We love each other

On a sideways journey



Unfelt by anyone

We will never part

We belong together


Being tied to train tracks

Waiting for the 6pm to arrive

                                                  Volatile and insecure

There’s no reasoning

Being trapped inside an elevator

Waiting for the repairman who never comes

                                                                              claustrophobic and suffocating

You can’t escape

 A  pain you have always had

But try to heal with a shaman

                                                  The pain is unbearable

You want cool lakes with sunshine and beautiful animals surrounding you

Innocent things to let you forget

To be free of the chains of someone else’s fears

To have to live with them is more than you can stand

                                                                                             escapist that’s what you are

Looking for peace of mind that doesn’t exist

sometimes you look upon something and it changes

changes back to what you once remembered

then all of a sudden of unknown courses there

you see it and it amazes you like always

why did it take so long for you realize it

you think that it was not supposed to occur

oh the beauty of this thing

ever changing as you gaze

you look upon this wondrous life thing

it removes any doubt

with wonder and innocence

everything you can imagine

it changes again and again

back to what you first remembered

it did make you feel like shit

and you recall it oh so well

look at it again and think this is shit

pure crap

move your fingers across it and remember

this is how it happened; it is what there is now

look at this thing again and wonder could it make a difference?

think of everything that makes you feel good

but it doesn’t work anymore

because it is all the same

and it will always be that way and you can’t change it

Hanging upside down by a mere thread

Aching to the bone from the pressure

Of life

Desires that cannot be met

Only with the wave of the wind on my hair

Blowing countless thoughts through me

Sending subtle messages into my brain

Of desire

Hanging on the edge with no rope

Swelling at the joints from the strain

Of wishes

That never come true

Only the hope that these ridiculous

Things will eventually go away

Scratching my skin with their poisonous needles

Of pain

Endless conclusions storming at my door

Making me want more life

So that I may hang upside down and not fall off

Once again to my dark side

being fluffy just doesn’t do it

dark dark dark

now that works!

Angst with the wind
Whippoorwills in apple trees
Trepidation at hand
Circumstance beyond your control
Swallow watermelon seeds
A naturalist on the red clover patch
Yesterday in a mangled forest
Leadbelly in a jailhouse
Jackhammer on concrete on a New York City sidewalk
Biblical characters have come to life
On a groundswell of phosphate
Caustic intentions with the sun
Decadent lifestyles lived out loud
Roosevelt wearing a purple sash it says: Bring me Indian genitalia
Homophobic men wear women’s lingerie
Yosemite Park with hot spitting geysers
Eyes black and shiny as onyx
Two dark holes in a cranium
A sawed-off shotgun in his bedroom
Shoot a car salesman in the crotch
Too proud and looking for an escape
Inside-out as an old sweater
Eyeglasses covered with blue funny fuzz
Homicidal tendencies come from the soul
Take an aspirin 27% less cerebral swelling
Go out on an apex with only 2 farthings
Hydroponics cannot be extended to reach your bloodstream
Oh such largess to be had at hand